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Study Skills

Does School Stress You Out?

Do any of these sound like you?african college students using laptop together

  • I don’t have good study skills
  • I forget to turn stuff in way too often
  • I have a hard time motivating myself, so I procrastinate
  • I understand the material, but I don’t do well on tests
  • I don’t get enough sleep, so I’m super tired in class
  • I’m tired of my parents nagging me about homework
  • I’m worried about my grades
  • I spend so much time on homework that I don’t have enough time for friends
  • I get distracted easily, so it takes me forever to finish my homework

It doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, you’re probably doing a lot right. But a few tweaks might really change how you feel about school…and how well you do.

What  if you could rock your grades, and still have a social life and enough time for sleep?

With Academic Coaching and a few science-based study skills, it’s possible to have it all: the grades you want, friends, and sleep.

Imagine that instead of procrastinating, you got everything done early so your evenings were super relaxing. Imagine that you…

  • Take notes that are useful, and use them to ace your tests.
  • Know how to stay focused so you do most of your learning in class…and save loads of homework time.
  • Have a step-by-step way to write an essay that saves you time and effort and reliably results in a good grade.
  • Have a better relationship with your parents, because you can talk about something besides school.
  • Have a ton of free time, so you can enjoy the full school experience.

The Truth About Grades (and How Academic Coaching Can Help)

Doing well in school isn’t about being smarter than everyone else or having some kind of mysterious “natural talent.”  Doing well comes from having the tools, strategies, and mindset you need to get the grades (and the free time) you want.

Once you have have focus, organization, and study skills, you’ll learn more, and often in less time, than students who don’t. And your grades will rock too.

You don’t have to choose between all-nighters and low scores. Academic Coaching helps you learn study skills by using work you’ve already been assigned to help you learn the most effective ways to get homework done and enjoy what you’re learning.

You’ll learn these often-neglected study skills:

  • A cool way to get through a boring bookTeacher and teenage girls using electronic tablet
  • How to deal with a frustrating teacher
  • How willpower really works
  • How to take notes so to  improve long-term memory
  • How to memorize anything
  • The most useful (and neglected) part of a math book
  • Anti-distraction strategies
  • Stress management
  • The study secrets “A” students use to ace tests

Can Academic Coaching and study skills really help?

Interested in Academic Coaching? 

You might have a few questions…

I already have too much to do. Is this going to add to my homework?

I get it! The last thing you need is more work.  One goal is to save you time, so we work with assignments you already have. You’ll learn what most students do that doesn’t work, so you save time and get better scores. We’ll also work on planning and prioritizing, so you stay on top of your assignments and avoid last minute crunches

I already know how to study. How is this going to help?

If  you’re like most students, you probably do know a lot about studying. But here’s the catch: not everything you’ve been taught works. Some study techniques don’t help you learn and actually waste time. With Academic Coaching you’ll learn approaches used by top athletes and performers to make the most of the time they have. That way you’ll be able to do well and have a life too!

Shouldn’t I just get a tutor?

Both tutoring and Academic Coaching can help. A tutor can help if you’re having trouble learning concepts in a certain subject area. Academic Coaching helps you manage time, stay organized, stay focused, and learn to approach studying differently.

Here is what other’s had to stay after academic coaching…

Young Student reading books at the school park“Pat helped me get organized and refine my essay-writing process. Now I can reliably write an ‘A’ research paper in a lot less time that it used to take. She understands what teachers and students want.” — J.M., student

“You have many choices when you seek help. Pat is the one I turn to, since she is very intelligent, but warm, caring, and creative at the same time. Her techniques are based in reality. I recommend her highly.” — C.B., parent

Why work with Pat?

I help stressed-out students study smarter, get better grades, and still have time for friends and fun.

There are three reasons you might want to work with me.

  • Black-haired woman studying in the libraryFirst, I’ve taught middle school, high school, and college, so I know what teachers are looking for on homework and on tests.
  • Second, I’ve been trained as a Writer Coach, so I can show you how to help students write organized essays that are high quality, to the point – and save a TON of writing time.
  • Third, while most coaches understand the writing process, there are few who specialize in math and science. As a former math, chemistry, and physics teacher, I can help you learn the study skills you need to understand the homework, take good notes, and do well on math and science tests.

Life is too short to stress about school

FriendsIf you’d like to have your best semester ever, then contact me to schedule a no-charge 50 minute appointment to see what Academic Coaching is like.

Just fill out this application, and I’ll contact you (and your parent if you’re in high school) to find a good time.