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When I a news article about Neurofeedback comes to my attention, I post it here. Since Neurofeedback is developing rapidly, only posts from 2010 or later are included, and only those posts most relevant to my own clinical practice. The topics are:

General Stories About Neurofeedback
ADD, ADHD, Anti-Aging, Chemo Fog
Anxiety and Sleep
Performance and Creativity

General Stories About Neurofeedback

I think, Therefore I Heal: the Wierd Science of Neurofeedback
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Changing your brainwaves might be as easy as playing a video game, according to experts. Studies of the effects of neurofeedback show changes in brain structure as well as in symptoms anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADHD, and other hard to treat problems.

Neurofeedback Gains Popularity and Lab Attention
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Over 100,000 Americans have tried neurofeedback in the past 10 years. Many have made significant shifts in attention, mood, sleep, and other areas by learning to change their own brainwaves.

Biofeedback Now Seen as “Regular” Medicine
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Growing research means Neurofeedback is becoming more mainstream, and is used to help deal problems from PTSD and chronic pain to peak performance for athletes.

Neurofeedback: Training your brain without using medication
Watch the Video at “Smart Family”, ABC channel 15

ADD, ADHD, Anti-Aging, Chemo Fog

Neurofeedback ADHD, and a VERY out of control boy
Watch video shown originally on Australian national news

Neurofeedback Therapy an Effective, Non-Drug Treatment for ADHD
Read full article at PsychCentral

The Resilient Brain: Brain Injury Methods and Treatments Part 1
Read full article at Psychology Today

Study: Brain Training Has Lasting Effect on Alleviating ADHD
Read full article at the Boston Globe

Biofeedback Now a “Level 1 – Best Support” Intervention for Attention and Hyperactivity Behaviors
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The Evidence-Base for Neurofeedback as a Reimbursable Healthcare Service to Treat Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
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In Study, Neurofeedback Matches Stimulants Ability to Treat ADHD
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CNN Video: Kids with ADHD use biofeedback for help
Watch video at

New Research Shows: Neurofeedback Is An ‘Evidence-Based’ Treatment For ADHD
Read full article at Medical News Today

Neurofeedback helps relieve chemo brain symptoms, Cleveland researcher finds
Read full article at the Clevland

Brainwave Training Boosts Network for Cognitive Control and Affects Mind-Wandering
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Neurofeedback for the Aging Brain
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Anxiety and Sleep

Beat Menopause with Biofeedback
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The Reroute Home: Neurofeedback NFB Helps Vets Find Their Way
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Neurofeedback Trains Brainwaves, Restores Brain Function
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Experimental treatment gives hope to sufferers of post-traumatic stress disorder
Read full article at TheGlobe

Experts at Military Conference Declare Breakthrough PTSD Treatment “Ready for Duty”
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How Neurofeedback Holds Promise for Insomnia Sufferers
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Local NC News Spot: Insomnia Clinical Trials at Wake Forest Baptist Medical
Watch video at NC News

Problems are Solved by Sleeping
Watch video at BBC News


Brain training helps treat depression
Read full article at BBC News 2012

Study: Can teens retrain their brains to be less depressed? – by Carey Goldberg
Read full article at Commonhealth 2011

Performance and Creativity

Neurofeedback in the news on optimal performance and creativity.

Neurofeedback and peak performance with Rae Tattenbaum
Watch video at EEG Info

A brain flex to help athletes train for better performance in competition – by Jen Murphy
Read full article at The Wall Street Journal 2012

Cellist Achieves Optimal Performance Through Neurofeedback
Read full article at Science

Neurofeedback training may enhance athletic performance – by Dr. Melissa Perkins-Banas
Read full article at Norwich Bulletin 2012

Ramping up academic skills with brain training – by Alisa Gaudiosi
Read full article at PR News Channel 2011
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