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Awesome Study Hacks: 5 Ways to Remember More of What You Read

Imagine a delicious meal — but without any of its usual seasoning. A bit boring maybe? Sometimes textbook reading seems kind of like that. In fact, one of clients told me that when he tried to read he “zoned out,” and by the end of the article he had forgotten what the point was. Although

How to Come Up With an A+ Essay Topic [+ thesis examples]

When it comes to things like freight trains, diesel engines, and long-distance runners, momentum is the key. The hardest part is getting started. This is also true for choosing a topic for an A+ essay topic. Some topics seem great at first, but once you start writing they fizzle out. You discover that your topic

How Social Media Makes You Lonely

Social media makes you lonely If you’re like most people, you might assume that social media connects us. But it’s also true that social media makes you lonely. How could being connected to people make you more lonely? Here’s how it happens: Popularity is Measured in Clicks In the past, popularity was often measured by how many

Don’t Let ADHD Become an Obstacle – Get Top Grades in College!

If you’re like most college students struggling with ADHD, it might seem challenging to get top grades. With ADHD, you might lose track of conversations, miss details and make mistakes, or get distracted and forget what you’re working on. In short, ADHD makes focusing difficult. It’s true that there are some brainwave patterns that make

Getting A’s in Math – A Top College Professor’s Expert Advice

Getting A’s in math has a lot to do with strategy. It might be odd to think of math in the same context as pro sports, but the reality is that they share a similar path to success. While getting A’s might not hold the same clout as winning a championship, it’s pretty much the

Time Management for College Students: 5 Rookie Mistakes That Cause Overwhelm

  Time management for college students is about getting everything done…and still having time for friends and fun. Do you ever feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day? Maybe you’ve been through something like this: You start with plenty of time and a plan to finish your assignments by dinner. Then you realize that

Does Multitasking Lower Your IQ? [Stanford Study]

Multitasking and teens… My client Josh sits in front of his computer after school, working on an essay for his history class. He stops for a minute to answer a text from a friend asking if he has the night’s math homework. In between sentences, he answers email, adds some music files to iTunes, checks a friends

What it Really Takes to Get Good Grades (and it’s Not about Being Smart)

If you’ve ever wondered how to get good grades, maybe something like this has gone through your mind… I’m not good at languages. History isn’t my thing. I’m not a math person. I often hear comments like this from my clients when they’re explaining a low test score or struggling with a tricky assignment. These comments seem logical

The Key to Overcoming Procrastination

When you procrastinate, you end up with long hours and last minute crises. You feel exhausted and frazzled and stressed. Here’s an unusual way of looking at procrastination, and an action-oriented strategy to address it.