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Small Change, Big Results: How Simple Actions Can Reshape Your Life


“A great guide for change. One small step at a time to achieve your goals and live your dreams.”  — Bill O’Hanlon, featured Oprah guest and author of Do One Thing Different

Work or career challenges… Relationship issues… Everyday stress… It’s one thing to wish for positive change in your life, and another to actually make it happen. Especially when you’re overly busy, attempts to change often come up short ‒ compounding the stress and affecting your energy, mood, productivity, and even feelings of self-worth.

In Small Change, Big Results, Dr. Pat LaDouceur offers science-based strategies combined with practical wisdom to help you focus on simple actions that lead to transformative results. She shares an amazingly effective process for identifying, organizing, and creating change. Each chapter features research and simple, down-to-earth ideas on making change possible.


You will learn how to…

  • Boost creativity, productivity, and focus ‒ even under pressure.
  • Stop burnout, worry less, and feel happier.
  • Create greater harmony and balance at work and home.
  • Build rich, rewarding relationships with colleagues, family, and friends.


“Small Change, Big Results: How Simple Actions Can Reshape Your Life is designed for readers with big dreams who want to link these ideals with concrete goal-setting skill sets. While many a book approaches this similar topic with more of an idealistic viewpoint, the goal of Pat LaDoucer, a licensed psychotherapist, is to explore how dreams translate into reality, and she offers specific tools that can be used to foster such changes. Readers ready for positive change will find Small Change, Big Results: How Simple Actions Can Reshape Your Life the best place to begin..”
– D. Donovan, eBook Reviewer, Minnesota Book Review

“This book provides a highly effective system to get out of overwhelm, reduce your stress, and get more done. The author suggests simple actions which build your confidence about changing, so you can transform your life.”
– Janet D. Thomas, author of Lemons, Lemonade & Life

“Sometimes the biggest obstacle to change is our own perception, and if you change your perception, you can change your circumstances. This is a well-written book by a therapist committed to finding strategies that work.”
– Laura Paradise, Paradise Coaching

Small Change, Big Results offers the hopeful message that change is within reach. “Life can be rough,” the author acknowledges. “But for most people, there are simple shifts you can make to create more ease and more joy. Even if you believe you’ve tried everything, there’s likely another strategy, another perspective. And once you have that strategy or perspective,  real change is usually easier than you think.”


Complimentary small change, BIG RESULTS Workbook


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About the Author

Pat LaDouceur, Ph.D., is a licensed psychotherapist, Board Certified neurofeedback practitioner, and former Director of Operations at a large, non-profit agency. Over three decades, Dr. LaDouceur has successfully helped thousands of people with the problems that inevitably arise from working, loving, and parenting. Her practice is located near Berkeley, California. She has been married for over 20 years and is the mother of teenage twins.