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Help Your Teen Build Skills for Academic Success

Your teen is a smart and curious learner. So why is school so stressful?Academic Coaching

Maybe it’s organization and time management. You know the drill, right? Your teen tells you he only has “a little” homework, and spends the evening involved in a critically important text conversation. Then at ten o’clock, when he should be going to sleep, he suddenly remembers a set of math problems due first thing in the morning.

Or worse, he does the homework and forgets to turn it in, and zeros start to pile up in power school.

Or maybe your teen gets the work done, and the real struggle is stress. She signed up for too many AP classes, or she’s reluctant to say no to any of her 17 favorite activities. For some teens, taking on too much is the problem. For others, the stress comes from a social situation or a friend in crisis. But even if you aren’t sure of the source of the stress, you can see it’s wearing her down.

If you’re like most of the parents I work with, you feel frustrated…and maybe a little exhausted. You know your teen is bright and creative, and it’s hard to watch the struggle.

You’ve offered encouragement, made practical suggestions, and tried to strategize. But it doesn’t seem to be coming together.

Sometimes academic coaching — a small adjustment in study skills, a new strategy for tackling a difficult subject, or a better understanding of stress — can make a big difference for students. Yet it’s not always clear how to help your teen make that shift.

But the truth is that even when you know what needs to happen…sometimes teens find it hard to hear good advice from a parent.

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Imagine what it would be like if your teen could…

Academic Coaching Berkeley

  • Use effective study strategies that improve retention…and grades
  • Keep track of homework, class notes, and supplies in a well-organized binder
  • Develop a powerful organizational system that promotes long-term learning and makes studying for finals a breeze
  • Tap into reliable anti-procrastination strategies to make sure your teen doesn’t run out of time…or overcommit
  • Stay cool under pressure with an easy-to-learn strategy to help counter stressful thoughts
  • Make plans for a future your teen is excited about, and understand how doing homework this week can help your teen move toward that future

If any of these sound familiar, then you’re in the right place.

Skills for Academic Success

Organization. Communication. Time management. Stress management. Planning for the future. These are the kind of skills Academic Coaching can help students learn.

School skills are life skills.

The Skills for Academic Success academic coaching program helps teens build the skills, habits, and mindset teens need to do well not only in school, but in life.

Each week we’ll focus on the specific strategies your teen needs most, while building a solid foundation of school and life skills.

Over the course of the school year, we’ll talk about…Academic-Coaching-High-School

  • how willpower really works
  • a cool way to get through a “boring” book
  • note taking systems that improve long-term memory
  • an evidence-based technique that helps you memorize anything
  • the most useful (and neglected) part of a math book
  • anti-distraction strategies
  • stress management
  • what it takes to ace tests

Academic Coaching with Pat LaDouceur

“My daughter does her homework, every day, and turns it in. I still need her remind her to get started, but no more missing assignments!” — P.A.

“Anyone who thinks they might have ADD or find that they can’t stay on task should check Pat’s programs out.” — S.M.

Here’s what you’ll get

This program includes…

  • Weekly sessions to make sure you have the tools, strategies and mindset you need to do well
  • An online tracking system so students and parents can stay on top of what we’re working on — and see where students are making progress
  • A written summary of each session to keep track of what we work on
  • Unlimited connection to Pat via text and email throughout the semester
  • Step-by-step instructions for organizational strategies to make sure homework gets done efficiently with more time for friends and fun
  • Step-by-step instructions for study strategies to make sure that when you learnn something, it sticks!
  • Recommendations for organizational, calendaring, and distraction-proofing systems to help students stay on top of schoolwork

The Skills for Academic Success program is designed to provide a foundation for a successful school year. It works for students in…

  • Middle school
  • High school
  • College

“I think you are working some magic! There has been a noticeable shift in this student’s behavior, focus, organization, and performance.” — B.A.

“Every time we talked to our son’s teachers last year they’d complain about his performance. This year, by contrast, was easy. He got two A’s out of four subjects.”  — D.F.

You might have some questions about academic coaching…Academic Coaching for High School and College

  • What kinds of results can we expect?

That depends on where the student is starting from, and how willing she/he is to experiment with the strategies and tools we talk about.

The first thing you’ll see is new understanding. Second, students start to practice new skills, first in the academic coaching session and then at home. Only then will students start to apply new skills on their own.

Each week we’ll do our best to tweak, troubleshoot, and adapt the program to the needs of your student. So far, all my students have reported improvement on the skills we identified as most important, and most parents have learned something too.

  • Does this program work for kids with AD/HD

Absolutely. Skills like setting goals, tracking progress, and creating effective study strategies are important for every teen, and that includes teens with AD/HD. This program not only provides support and focus for teens with AD/HD, but also helps them develop the brain-based executive functioning skills they need to do well in life.

  • Can’t teens learn these skills on their own?

They certainly can. Many people “pick up” these skills over time, by trial and error. But for many people, this process takes years. Meanwhile, school can be a struggle. A program like Skills for Academic Success can give that process a jump start.

Athletes, musicians, and performers of every type find that the fastest path to mastery is with a coach. And I like to teach teens that asking for help is a strength. So why not find help  as soon as you can, whether it’s a teacher, a tutor, or an academic coach.

  • Do you work with college students?

Yes, I work with college students nationwide, usually over the internet.

Why work with Pat?

I specialize in helping teens get organized, study effectively, and de-stress about school. There are three things you should know about me that set me apart from other academic coaches. First, I’ve spent more than 25 years learning about how the brain works as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Board Certified Neurofeedback practitioner. I know the latest research on willpower, procrastination, goal setting, and learning, and I can help students translate this research into practical strategies that can help them learn effectively.

Second I’ve taught students in middle school, high school, and college. As a formerly credentialed California high school teacher for physics, chemistry, and math, I love the “hard” subjects, and I delight in showing kids how to make these subjects more do-able, and therefore more fun. I pay attention to grades (and teach my students to check their own grades), but with Academic Coaching I also focus on building skills that will help students master any subject.

Third, I’m a parent. I get how tough it is to watch your kid bump up against challenging subjects, difficult teachers, and “boring” books (not to mention all the social stuff) — and stress about school. So I make sure to you as a parent are up to speed about exactly which academic skills we’re working on and what progress we’re making — while still creating a private space for your teen to talk when needed. And I often have ideas about how to diffuse family tension around school stuff — just let me know when you have a question.

Life is too short to struggle through school.

If your student wants to improve organization, focus, and performance, and well-being…

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