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Learn time management, organization, and study skills

Doing well in school (and in life) has a lot to do with knowing the right strategies. Academic Coaching for teens helps you understand how the brain works, and teaches specific strategies you can use every day to remember more, understand more, and get better grades.

And let’s face it: when you’re doing well, and when homework isn’t taking up every spare minute, school is much more enjoyable.

My approach works because it concentrates on 5 key elements. Each of these elements is essential in helping you become an excellent student.

1. Time management

Academic Coaching for teens can help you learn to use simple strategies and tools to keep track of time, so you get everything done with ease. You also learn to set up a distraction-free zone where learning happens best, so you finish in time to hang out with friends, run a few miles, or curl up with a good book.


2. Organization

You probably know that you do your best work when you feel inspired. Academic Coaching for teens helps you learn to set goals that motivate you to do your best work. You’ll also learn to create simple systems to keep track of papers, projects, homework, and old tests (not to mention your keys and student ID card), so you always have what you need at your fingertips.

3. Study Skills

The next step is to learn how to learn. Most students spend a lot of time using study strategies that feel effective but don’t work. Instead, Academic Coaching for teens uses science-based strategies that will help you master material in any class you want to take, from Literature to Portuguese to Computer Science.

4. Self-Advocacy

You’ll also want to build a team of people who have your back. Learn how to Create study groups that work. Know when and how to ask parents for help. Feel confident about getting strategic help from your teachers.

5. Stress Management

Finally, learn to shift the way you think. Challenge negative, procrastination-causing thoughts that distract you or slow you down. Learn simple techniques that you can use to manage stress both in and out of school.


If you’re like most of the students I work with, focusing on only one or two of these steps isn’t enough. Maybe you turn everything in, but it takes hours to do it. Or maybe you write a fabulous essay — on the wrong topic. Or you study for a test, but when it’s time to take it your brain freezes.

But when you bring all five elements together, you’ll not only learn more and score higher, but you’ll also enjoy school more. What’s not to love about acing your classes?

If you’re ready to get started, apply for a complimentary 50-minute “Take the Stress Out of School” strategy session.


Is Academic Coaching for teens for you?

If you’re still not sure, you might be stuck in one of these common thoughts about studying:

  • I’m not as smart as students who get As
  • I’m just not an organized person
  • Something about my brain (maybe ADD?) won’t let me focus.

If you’ve had even one of these thoughts in the past month, it’s probably time to learn to challenge it and make some changes. Here’s how to get started:

  1. First, take the quiz.
  2. Next, if you’d like to learn some new skills, apply for a complimentary 60-minute “Take the Stress Out of School” strategy session.
  3. Or contact me at 510.277.0456 or