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Our Mutual Agreement

What is Academic Skills Coaching?

Academic skills coaching helps student develop strategies to accomplish personal and academic goals — manage time, get organized, do well in school, advocate for yourself, and manage stress. Coaching sessions for most students are virtual.

My commitments to youacademic-skills-coaching

I agree to…

  • Always have your best interests at heart
  • Be honest with you, even if it means saying something difficult
  • Hold you accountable to your highest goals for yourself, and to the actions you agree to do
  • Be on time for our sessions
  • Bring my full focus to our sessions, including silencing and putting away all devices
  • Sometimes make mistakes, from which we will learn and grow

I occasionally share stories from my client sessions. If I share a story from our session, I will never reveal your identity. If you ask that I not share these stories, I will honor your request.

Coaching is not psychotherapy or counseling. Although we might talk about how you feel from time to time, all our conversations will be in service of your Coaching goals. If you need additional emotional support, I will do my best to refer you to a therapist who can help. I do not provide legal, medical, or financial advice to my clients, although I might provide general suggestions about the need to get enough sleep or seek help.

       My policies on Session Notes

  • I will take notes on sessions to which middle school and high school parents automatically have access. If a minor student requests that specific information be kept confidential, I will do so unless I believe the student’s health or wellbeing is at risk.
  • I only share notes with parents of college students when requested to do so in writing (via email) by the student. Students are welcome to share these notes with parents directly.

Your commitments to me

You agree to…

  • take responsibility for your results by doing your best to do the work you agree to do
  • communicate with me what is and isn’t working for you, so that I can provide the best possible service to you. If you don’t like a plan of action, let me know so I can help you find another.
  • be on time to our sessions
  • provide at least 24 hour notice if you cannot make a scheduled session.
  • sometimes make mistakes, from which we will learn and grow
  • bring your full focus to our sessions, including silencing and putting away all devices

You are willing to meet virtually, and to install Zoom on your computer (ask me about special arrangements for middle school students).

My practice is built by referral. At some point in our work I might ask you to think about 1 or 2 people you can refer who are of equivalent caliber and quality as yourself. Please think about who you know who might be a good fit for my services!

FAQ about Academic Skills Coaching Packages

What is a “package” and how does it differ from weekly sessions?

  • Weekly sessions means that you pay a fee for each coaching session at the time of services.
  • A package is an all-inclusive program which includes a guaranteed weekly meeting time, as well as email and phone communication with students, parents, and teachers; extra laser sessions (10 min) with students as needed and as time allows; essay review and review of selected math/chemistry/physics problems between sessions; personalized handouts and other resources; anything else that creates an effective coaching experience.

How do Academic Skills Coaching packages benefit me and/or my student?

  • Packages allow me to provide extra resources as described above. Semester and year-long packages also include access to “The Anti-Boring Approach to Powerful Studying®,” an online class developed by my colleague Gretchen Wegner.
  • Some packages include extra sessions during finals week, over school breaks, or before the semester starts.
  • Because academic skills coaching packages save substantial administrative time, they are offered at a savings.

What if I cannot make an appointment?

  • There are 3 possibilities. First, I can occasionally reschedule. Second, we can share google docs or review problems via phone or email even if we do not meet. Third, packages are priced so that there is “room” to miss a session or two if necessary.

What if I’m unsure — are packages refundable?

  • If a student is unsure, I suggest starting with a 2-week “Get it Together” package to make sure Coaching feels like a good fit. Packages are not refundable except in the event of a long-term medical or equivalent emergency. It takes time to learn new strategies, just as it takes time to learn to swing a bat correctly or strum a guitar. I take this into account as I design academic skills coaching packages, because I want to work with students who are willing to commit to their own learning and succeed.