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Speaking Topics for Parenting Teens

Parents, Stress, and the Teenage Brain: What Every Mom and Dad Needs to Know about Helping Their Student Succeed with Ease in School and Beyond

(60 minute presentation for PTAs and other groups interested in parenting teens)

  • How school has changed since YOU were there – and what you need to know to help your teen succeed in and out of the classroom
  • 3 simple ways to help your son or daughter academically — even if they actively resist  your help
  • Cutting-edge concepts in brain development that will help you communicate with your teen w/o feeling like you’re nagging or criticizing
  • A simple but powerful tool that will help your teen manage time better, so they can stay organized and on top of their assignments
  • The myth about motivation that gets in the way of effective studying

Free Lunchtime Seminars: Parenting Teens + School Success

(No cost seminars Tuesdays noon to 12:45 at her office on Solano Avenue on the Berkeley / Albany, CA border. RSVP required.)

The Teen Brain and School Success — October 4

Learn more about why your smart teen loses assignments, forgets about due dates, and underperforms on tests — and what you as a parent can do about it.

4 Ways to De-Stress Your Teen (and Yourself) — October 11

Parenting advice for parents of anxious teens. Learn why students get anxious, why common sense approaches to anxiety don’t work, and how parents can help.

Anti-Procrastination Strategies for Teens — October 18

Add to your parenting skills repertoire. Learn why teens procrastinate, how to avoid making it worse, and what you can do to help them get started.

Practical Tools for Teens with AD/HD and Other Nonlinear Thinkers

It’s not always about parenting skills. Sometimes it’s about helping your teen create an environment that supports learning. Learn parenting tips and 8 essential tools that help support executive functioning for teens in middle and high school.

Screentime and Teens: How much is enough?

There is no one-size-fits-all way to handle screentime for teens, but you’ll learn about the research, hear how other parents handle screentime, and walk away with some guidelines for your own Family Screentime Policy.

4 Ways to Motivate Teens — September 27

You’ll learn a highly effective “motivation formula” for parenting teens that can help you understand what’s really behind motivation, and how you can affect your own motivation and that of your teen.


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Stress-Free Living for Parents:

How to navigate a demanding job and a mile long to-do list, and still have time to enjoy your family and friends

  • The 5 words that will prevent you from over-committing
  • Beliefs that keep you worried, stressed-out, and crazy busy — and how to change them
  • A tool that will help you feel joyful and on top of things, even on your busiest days
  • A common habit that holds people back, and a fun way to get past it
  • 3 simple ways to stop feeling stressed-out, even when people depend on you and you have a lot to do


Comments from Participants

“This was by far the most informative seminar I have been to this year.”

“I will remember to use your simple interventions with clients and with myself. They were reasonable and realistic to implement into my daily life. Thank you for your calm and genuine presence.”

“Pat gives concrete advice and perspective on parenting teens. What a wonderful talk!”

“Pat was genuine, which made it easier for me to stay focused and engaged. I can’t wait to use this with my teens. Also, the topic is relevant for me right now. Thank you!”

“The talk was a good reminder to take time for ourselves and connect with people.”


Interview about Pat LaDouceur’s inspiration and professional life by David Wever, host of “Shrink on the Couch.”

About Patparenting teens

Pat LaDouceur, Ph.D., helps stressed-out students study smarter, get better grades, and still have time for friends and fun. As a psychotherapist, Board Certified neurofeedback practitioner, and former credentialed secondary school teacher, Pat knows a lot about learning and the brain…and parenting teens. She has taught middle school math, high school chemistry, college social sciences, and has 30 years of her own schooling under her belt. She is the mother of college-age twins, and provides Academic Life Coaching in Berkeley, CA.



Pat welcomes invitations to speak at meetings, workshops, trainings and other events. Topics include Mindful Leadership, Stress Reduction, and building rewarding relationships. To inquire about schedulig Pat to speak, contact her here.