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A Surprising Way to Avoid an Argument

Are you looking for away to avoid an argument? Here’s the situation: Amy assumed that she and her husband Jeff would host a large holiday gathering in November, as they always did. Jeff, on the other hand, was hoping for some quiet time, perhaps a vacation just for just the two of them. He was

Drifting Apart and How to Reconnect

“We’re drifting apart,” Sara told me during our first meeting. Her husband, Daniel, agreed. They got along well enough, but lived more like roommates than a married couple. Here’s what helped them reconnect.

How to Say No to People You Care About

Saying ‘No’ is tricky, especially to people you care about, but the benefits are many. This outline describes when and how to say ‘No’ so you can say ‘Yes’ to the things that really matter.

Am I With the Right Partner?

Couples try to solve relationship problems by talking, not talking, changing their behavior and not changing it. Nothing, so far, has worked. Who wouldn’t be frustrated…and confused?

The Trouble With Compromise

Holidays are supposed to connecting, but differences in wishes and needs are often stressful. Read about what it really takes to make compromise work.

Intimacy in Marriage

Intimacy in marriage is about learning what works for each partner. With attention, playfulness, and empathy, sex over time just keeps getting better

Maria and James – Alcohol Problem

“He’s just not there,” said Maria. “I’m talking to him, but he’s not there.” Each night she felt her husband slip further away with each beer he drank. “We’re in the same room, but I feel completely alone.”

Eric and Jennifer – Emotional Affair

“What I do online has nothing to do with our marriage,” said Eric. His wife Jennifer disagreed. Worse, her recent discovery of his online flirtations made her doubt her own perceptions. “I’ve always been in love with my husband,” said Jennifer. “Why didn’t I notice what was going on? How could he live this double life and not let it show?”

Gracie and David – Rebuild Trust

“I didn’t think I could ever trust her again,” said David. After Gracie’s affair, this couple didn’t know if their marriage could survive the damage. “I was sure he’d never forgive me,” said Gracie.

Kelly and Jim – Distance in Relationships

“Kelly and I go for days without speaking,” said Jim. “No matter what I do, I can’t seem to get through to her anymore.” After five years of unsuccessful fertility treatments, their ability to communicate had been eroded by stress and disappointment.

How to Apologize Effectively: 3 Keys

Apologies can be tricky. But if you understand the purpose of an apology and include these three parts, apologies show compassion heal relationship stress.