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Anxiety in Women: The 5 Most Common Symptoms

Anxiety in women is different from anxiety in men. Overall, women report more anxiety. Women are 60% more likely to be diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. Women also face different stressors, because they have somewhat different life and work challenges. Womens’ biggest stressors are money and work – almost 80% of women worry about money, and about 2/3 worry

Neurofeedback for Anxiety: How Does it Work?

Imagine you’re driving through the countryside on a beautiful day, but your car isn’t working. The gears keep getting stuck, and the gas pedal is jammed down. So instead of enjoying the scenery, you’re constantly focused on what might go wrong and how you can prevent it.

What we Fear More than Death

Why is public speaking so filled with anxiety for so many people?  Some say it is feared more than death itself. It sounds crazy, but that’s what people say. Is there any truth to this? Read more about stage fright here.

5 Myths About Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is often easier than you might think. Read 5 Myths About Sleep and find out how.

Can Neurofeedback Help Musical Performance?

Emilia was a jazz pianist who wanted to break into the Bay Area performing scene. Her roadblock was performance anxiety. Here’s how neurofeedback helped with her anxiety and her performance.

When Sleeping Pills Don’t Work

30% of people in the US report having trouble with insomnia. This article describes some simple strategies to help you get a good night’s sleep.

Andrea’s Story – Adult ADD

Andrea’s Story — Adult ADD Andrea arrived at my office looking worried and frustrated. “I’m going to lose my job,” she said.“  I spend all day staring at my computer and not getting anything done.  I can’t believe no one has noticed.  Every day I tell myself that I’m going to get organized, that I’m

Stage Fright: What We Fear More Than Death

You’ve probably heard that public speaking is feared more than death itself. It sounds crazy, but that’s what people say. Is there any truth to this? Read more about “What We Fear More than Death”

How to Ground Your Fear of Flying

Imagine you’ve just won a dream vacation to a small island in the Caribbean. You can almost smell the fresh, salt air. But there’s one catch: you have a fear of flying.

Test Anxiety: When Your Mind Goes Blank

When Brian walked into a test, her mind went “blank.” His conclusion: “I’m not good at tests.” This article outlines some key principles to help end test anxiety