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Does Multitasking Lower Your IQ? [Stanford Study]

Multitasking and teens… My client Josh sits in front of his computer after school, working on an essay for his history class. He stops for a minute to answer a text from a friend asking if he has the night’s math homework. In between sentences, he answers email, adds some music files to iTunes, checks a friends

What it Really Takes to Get Good Grades (and it’s Not about Being Smart)

If you’ve ever wondered how to get good grades, maybe something like this has gone through your mind… I’m not good at languages. History isn’t my thing. I’m not a math person. I often hear comments like this from my clients when they’re explaining a low test score or struggling with a tricky assignment. These comments seem logical

End Procrastination Around Homework: A 3 Minute Strategy for Teens

The Homework Bottleneck Do you wish sometimes that there was a simple way to end procrastination around homework? First, take a minute and ask yourself which of these scenarios sounds more like your teen? Both students have the same class and homework assignment. Student 1 walks in the door after school, drops his backpack by the

3 Ways to Help Your Teen Manage School Stress

Most teens (83%) say that school is a significant source of stress in their life. Here’s how you can help  your teen manage school stress. For teens, stress looks like this: Getting to school late Feeling irritable Feeling tired a lot Crying a lot…or snapping at you Leaving things until the last minute, and then panicking If

Time Management for Teens — Cut Study Time by 30%

Time management for teens is an executive functioning skill which is essential for academic success. Since I started “Skills for Academic Success”, I’ve heard more and more questions about time management from teens. Here’s how Keith put it: “I want to do a good job on my homework. But by the time I’m finished, I don’t have enough time

What is Academic Life Coaching? A Guide for Parents

What is academic life coaching? Academic life coaching helps students learn. With coaching, students typically do better on tests, improve their grades, reduce school-related stress, and learn valuable life skills. Before taking a more in-depth look at what academic life coaching is, let’s take a look at what it is not: Tutoring helps students with

Test Anxiety: When Your Mind Goes Blank

When Brian walked into a test, her mind went “blank.” His conclusion: “I’m not good at tests.” This article outlines some key principles to help end test anxiety