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Does Multitasking Lower Your IQ? [Stanford Study]

Multitasking and teens… My client Josh sits in front of his computer after school, working on an essay for his history class. He stops for a minute to answer a text from a friend asking if he has the night’s math homework. In between sentences, he answers email, adds some music files to iTunes, checks a friends

The Top Three Myths About Stress

The top three myths about stress… When you think about stress, if you’re like most people, you probably think about what’s happening in your life – tension at work, a disagreement with your partner, your child’s recent bout with the flu, or the list of 237 things you were hoping to get done over the

What it Really Takes to Get Good Grades (and it’s Not about Being Smart)

If you’ve ever wondered how to get good grades, maybe something like this has gone through your mind… I’m not good at languages. History isn’t my thing. I’m not a math person. I often hear comments like this from my clients when they’re explaining a low test score or struggling with a tricky assignment. These comments seem logical

Anxiety in Women: The 5 Most Common Symptoms

Anxiety in women is different from anxiety in men. Overall, women report more anxiety. Women are 60% more likely to be diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. Women also face different stressors, because they have somewhat different life and work challenges. Womens’ biggest stressors are money and work – almost 80% of women worry about money, and about 2/3 worry

Stress Management in the Workplace: How to Redesign Your Job

Workplace stress is at an all-time high. A recent poll shows that more than 80% of U.S. workers are stressed about their jobs. Stress not only affects your health, job satisfaction, and well-being, but also what you get done. Workplace stress makes people less efficient, less productive, and creates tension. There’s been a lot of

End Procrastination Around Homework: A 3 Minute Strategy for Teens

The Homework Bottleneck Do you wish sometimes that there was a simple way to end procrastination around homework? First, take a minute and ask yourself which of these scenarios sounds more like your teen? Both students have the same class and homework assignment. Student 1 walks in the door after school, drops his backpack by the

3 Ways to Help Your Teen Manage School Stress

Most teens (83%) say that school is a significant source of stress in their life. Here’s how you can help  your teen manage school stress. For teens, stress looks like this: Getting to school late Feeling irritable Feeling tired a lot Crying a lot…or snapping at you Leaving things until the last minute, and then panicking If

Time Management for Teens — Cut Study Time by 30%

Time management for teens is an executive functioning skill which is essential for academic success. Since I started “Skills for Academic Success”, I’ve heard more and more questions about time management from teens. Here’s how Keith put it: “I want to do a good job on my homework. But by the time I’m finished, I don’t have enough time

What is Academic Life Coaching? A Guide for Parents

What is academic life coaching? Academic life coaching helps students learn. With coaching, students typically do better on tests, improve their grades, reduce school-related stress, and learn valuable life skills. Before taking a more in-depth look at what academic life coaching is, let’s take a look at what it is not: Tutoring helps students with

Neurofeedback for Anxiety: How Does it Work?

Imagine you’re driving through the countryside on a beautiful day, but your car isn’t working. The gears keep getting stuck, and the gas pedal is jammed down. So instead of enjoying the scenery, you’re constantly focused on what might go wrong and how you can prevent it.

One-Minute Stress Management Tools: 5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Cool

Stress management tools are part of your early warning system. When this system doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to, it’s less like the whirring of a well-functioning motor and more like the annoying high-pitched beep of a super-sensitive smoke alarm. These 5 simple stress management tools system working at its best.

Are You a Secret People Pleaser? [quiz]

If you’re a people pleaser, it’s easy to say yes when someone asks for help. But when your Yes is automatic, your schedule can start to feel like a traffic jam, and your ability to get things done is stalled.

What we Fear More than Death

Why is public speaking so filled with anxiety for so many people?  Some say it is feared more than death itself. It sounds crazy, but that’s what people say. Is there any truth to this? Read more about stage fright here.

Motivation – What to Do When You Don’t Feel It

Whether you want to lose weight, clean the garage, prepare for a test, or finish a project, you have to find a way to start. Sometimes motivation is elusive. If you don’t feel it, however, you need to create it. Read more about motivation here.

A Surprising Way to Avoid an Argument

Are you looking for away to avoid an argument? Here’s the situation: Amy assumed that she and her husband Jeff would host a large holiday gathering in November, as they always did. Jeff, on the other hand, was hoping for some quiet time, perhaps a vacation just for just the two of them. He was

You Have 99 Problems, But Time Isn’t One of Them

My client Kathleen, a working mom, had a surprisingly common complaint: “There just aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything I need to do.” It’s true that she was juggling a lot – her job as an architect, a busy pre-teen, a volunteer position, and an active family life. But none of these

The science of personal motivation (and a simple self-assessment)

If you’re like most people, you want to feel motivated to take care of yourself. But sometimes you’d rather not do it – run 2 miles in the rain, finish your Spanish homework, track your expenses. When you’re in a certain mental space, those things seem boring. Naturally, you’d rather do something interesting, like check

What’s Wrong with Being Busy?

What’s wrong with being busy? How you feel is not so much how much you do, but how you do it. Here’s how to “un-busy” yourself.

Mindfulness for Busy People

In times of crisis, it can feel like you’re at the mercy of events that are outside of you. And when you start to feel like that, your time gets sucked up into managing the crisis. But what we need most in a pinch doesn’t depend on circumstances, and isn’t about time. Our choice lies in how we use the time and the resources we have.

3 Ways to Know If You’re Saying Yes Too Much

Life is full of opportunities. But if you end up saying yes to all of it, then before you know it you end up, overcommitted & stressed out. Here’s how to balance the Yes and the No.

What’s YOUR Biggest Challenge for the New Year?

In the past month I’ve been checking in with my clients about how far they’ve come and where they want to go next. We’ve been focusing on what matters to them most as they look forward to 2015. Aleesha is looking for meaningful work. She tells me that education jobs are scarce, and indeed she’s

The Truth About Stress

Stress can create problems with concentration, focus, memory, moodiness, and overwhelm. But sometimes, part of the problem is how you think about the problem. Stress isn’t really one thing; it’s two.

The Fastest Way to Boost Your Mood

Do you ever feel stressed out about the demands of day-to-day life? If so, here are some surprisingly simple ways to boost your mood.

The Key to Overcoming Procrastination

When you procrastinate, you end up with long hours and last minute crises. You feel exhausted and frazzled and stressed. Here’s an unusual way of looking at procrastination, and an action-oriented strategy to address it.

Drifting Apart and How to Reconnect

“We’re drifting apart,” Sara told me during our first meeting. Her husband, Daniel, agreed. They got along well enough, but lived more like roommates than a married couple. Here’s what helped them reconnect.

How to Say No to People You Care About

Saying ‘No’ is tricky, especially to people you care about, but the benefits are many. This outline describes when and how to say ‘No’ so you can say ‘Yes’ to the things that really matter.

Am I With the Right Partner?

Couples try to solve relationship problems by talking, not talking, changing their behavior and not changing it. Nothing, so far, has worked. Who wouldn’t be frustrated…and confused?

Stress Free New Year’s Resolutions

My client Wendy is looking at her list of New Year’s Resolutions – worthy goals that get lost in the rush of everyday life. These 5 simple strategies can help.

5 Myths About Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is often easier than you might think. Read 5 Myths About Sleep and find out how.

Can Neurofeedback Help Musical Performance?

Emilia was a jazz pianist who wanted to break into the Bay Area performing scene. Her roadblock was performance anxiety. Here’s how neurofeedback helped with her anxiety and her performance.